The Family Tree: Where does driftwood come from?

Driftwood is a true globetrotter that travels thousands of kilometers from boreal forests in Eurasia and North America before reaching Icelandic shores.

Living Archive: What does driftwood tell us about climate change?

Old driftwood is still piling up on Icelandic beaches, but new arrivals of both felled trees and naturally eroded ones have decreased significantly over the past decades.  

Character actor: What roles does driftwood play?

Driftwood is a ubiquitous actor in Iceland’s history and culture. Even colonization started with a special piece of driftwood.  

Seeing the forest for the trees: What roles do woodlands play?

According to the historical source Íslendingabók at the time of settlement in the 9th century, “Iceland was covered with woods between the mountains and the shores.”  

The sea remembers everything: Can we solve the plastic crisis?

Although plastics are only about one-hundred years old and weren’t manufactured in large quantities until after the Second World War, they have since witnessed a global surge.