A Call to Action

Driftwood travels thousands of kilometers across the Arctic before it reaches the shores of Iceland. These logs have something to tell you.

Our Story

The aim of our project „Rekaviður“ is to raise awareness for climate change in the Arctic region via the journey of driftwood, for the importance of afforestation for climate mitigation as well as for driftwood‘s vital role in Iceland‘s history and culture. The project consists of a touring exhibition, a project website and a 45min documentary film about our driftwood research.

exhibition & Film

The touring exhibition and the documentary film tell the story of the driftwood’s journey, offer insights into its Arctic climate records, its key role in Icelandic history and culture and much more. 

The mystery log

Where does the humongous driftwood log in front of Ísafjörður’s Westfjords Heritage Museum come from?  

Jón lærði Guðmundsson, a poet and magician from the 17th century, assumed driftwood came from underwater forests – and when trees died, they would drift to the ocean‘s surface.

Kristinn Schram, University of Iceland

About Us

How everything turned driftwood…

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