Exhibition & Film

The touring exhibition and the documentary film tell the story of the driftwood’s journey, offer insights into its Arctic climate records, its key role in Icelandic history and culture and much more. It is available in Icelandic/English and in German and consists of info boards, artistic works and a 45min documentary about our driftwood research. It is variable and can be adapted for different spaces. If you’re interested in hosting the exhibition and/or would like to screen the film, please get in touch with meier@lichtung-berlin.de, we’re delighted to hear from you!

Trailer Film “Iceland’s Stranded Forest”

Exhibition Tour & Film Screenings


Exhibition Views Artist House Lukas

Exhibition Views Nes Artist Residency

Details (Icelandic/English Exhibition Version)

7 Freestanding Information Boards (bilingual, each 85x200cm)

1. The Family Tree: Where does Driftwood come from?

2. Living Archive: What does Driftwood tell us about Climate Change?

3. Character Actor: What Roles does Driftwood play?

4. Seeing the forest for the trees: What Roles do Woodlands play?

5. The Sea remembers everything: Can we solve the Plastic Crisis?

6. Out of the Woods: Favorite Driftwood Stories

7. A Call to Action: The Rekaviður Initiative

Film “Iceland’s Stranded Forest” (45min, English/Icelandic with English subtitles)


1. Memorial of, 18 photographs, 20x30cm each

2. Let sleeping dogs lie, 3 photographs, 42×59,4cm each

3. Nansen, 3 photographs and 1 text, 49x49cm each

4. Askr and Embla, 18 photographs, 20x30cm each

5. Crisis, 3 photographs, 42×59,4cm each

Various Driftwood Objects